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Антивирус Для Nokia Lumia 625

Опубликовано: 19.10.2017

Технические характеристики Nokia Lumia 625: Анонсирован: 23 июля 2013. Операционная система: Windows® Phone OS 8. Рейтинг: 4.9/10 Просмотров: 9768 Дата добавления: 01.04.2014. Игры для Nokia Lumia 625. 1) Вас ни какой антивирус не защитит от свежего вируса, который неизвестен антивирусной компании. Многие вирусы пишутся для конкретного антивируса и легко обходят его методы проверки зная алгоритм проверки.. . program for my Windows 8 phone? I just spoke to Norton and they said it is not possible for a Nokia 625. So do you need antivirus for sur. Системные. Программы для работы с ОС смартфона: Антивирусы, Акселерометр, Архиваторы. Ваш Nokia Lumia 625 работает на Windows Phone 8.

Which is the best antivirus software for windows phone 8 (nokia lumia 6. Yes, you can get viruses even if you only download from Google play, the difference is that Microsoft checks the apps more than Google does before they upload them to their store. Then there is a dicussion about how much the ativirus software on mobile phones can do, because they are sandboxed. Google only checks apps if they get reported for problems. Otherwise, no checks - so you're at the mercy of the developer if the app hasn't been reported.

Source? How is it ppossible Microsoft checks more and we have 1. Facebook? Because Google doesn't inspect apps at all unless reported for suspicious activity.

Microsoft checks their apps more than Google" and i can't really believe so. You don't have to believe something for it to be true. When an app is submitted to the Play store, it is immediately available to download. When an app is submitted to Microsoft, it will be several days before it is tested and certified. I did get an app approved in just over a day once, but usually it takes 3- 4 days.

And yes, I have failed certification and had to fix problems and resubmit. But all of that is really sidestepping around the OP's question. Here's the answer: There is no antivirus for Windows Phone.

It is not needed, and even if there were one to be published today, claiming to scan your phone, I will tell you right now that it is an outright lie. In Windows Phone, apps are sandboxed. They are not aware of each other. Even if I write two apps, publish them, and get them installed on the same phone, my two apps cannot talk to each other - they have no concept of the other being there.

Клуб смартфонов и телефонов Nokia, Антивирусы / Системные / Бесплатные программы для смартфонов, программы для смартфонов, темы для nokia,&nbsp. . Major update to the impressive and free antivirus package. Сравнение камер Nokia Lumia 625, 630, 1020: Путевые Заметки краткое сравнение Nokia Lumia 625, Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM и.